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Spring Semester of 2018 Graduates

Madelynn Ahlborn

 Master of Public Health

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Shelby Atkinson

 Master of Public Health

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Future Plans: Following graduation from the MSU MPH program, Shelby plans to continue her position with the Child Health Advances from Research with Mothers (CHARM) organization, housed at Michigan State University.  She will move to full time employement and will act as the CHARM follow up coordinator for a pregnancy cohort in Lansing, MI.  She feels her MPH experience has vastly improved her ability to act as a research coordinator and will allow her to pursue further opportunities with CHARM and outside organizations in the future.


Marcie Barber

 Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Food Safety (Fall 2012)

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 Matthew Bashore

 Master of Public Health, Public Health Administration Graduate Certificate (Fall 2016)

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 Bear Daniels

 Master of Public Health, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Spring 2018)

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 Darren Donnelly

 Master of Public Health

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Future Plans: Darren does not plan on any further education at this time but plans to use his MPH to pursue a career within the public health field, focusing in environmental health or health promotion and prevention.


 Jarrod D'Valentine

 Master of Public Health

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 Kurt Fennema

 Master of Public Health, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Spring 2016)

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Erica Grochowski

 Master of Public Health

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 Irrem Jamal

 Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Food Safety (Spring 2015)

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Future Plans: Irrem earned her Master of Science in Food Safety Management from Michigan State University in 2015 while dually enrolled with the Master of Public Health degree. She feels the MPH degree has enabled her to incorporate her knowledge and understanding of the core competencies of public health in her professional life.  Currently, Irrem manages a microbiology laboratory and would like to pursue a DrPH focusing on global public health issues.


 Justin Kenton

 Master of Public Health

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Danielle Lyttle

 Master of Public Health

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Sally Mellema

 Master of Public Health

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Jennifer Morse

 Master of Public Health

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Joseph Murdick

 Master of Public Health

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Jeffrey Nickel

 Master of Public Health

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Future Plans: Jeffrey is currently a senior clinical trial associate at Celgene Corporation in Summit, NJ.  He has worked in the clinical research industry for the past seven years in both global trial management and monitoring.  His career has given him hands-on experience in reviewing and managing small and large clinical research trials.

The MPH is Jeffrey's second master's degree.  He also received an M.S. in Infectious Disease and Immunity from Drexel University in 2015.  He has a high interest and passion for infectious diseases and hopes to take his career into that area as he has primarily focused on Neurology, Oncology, and Hematology.  He plans to begin looking for a new job in one of the following areas:

* Pharmacoepidemiology (Private Sector or FDA)
* Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Public Sector or Private Company Specializing in ID)
* Disease Surveillance (Public Sector)


Jaslin Parhar

 Master of Public Health

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Christina Rademacher

 Master of Public Health

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Sarah Todd

 Master of Public Health, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Spring 2018)

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Arshia Vahabzadeh

 Master of Public Health

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Master of Public Health Degree

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