Spring Semester of 2022 Graduates

 Alec Bennett Photo

 Alec Bennett

 Master of Public Health



 Caroline Currier Photo

 Caroline Currier

 Master of Public Health

Future Plans: Caroline is currently pursuing further education, having enrolled in a master of pysician assistant program.


 Spartan Head Place Saver

 Nia Franklin

 Master of Public Health



 Cristina Szelingowski Photo

 Cristina Szelingowski

 Master of Public Health

Future Plans: Cristina wants to pursue an online DrPH in the future.  She also would like to get more involved in some virtual research opportunities with MSU.

While purusing her MPH, Cristina co-authored a publication in the American Association for Clinical Research journal.  The title of the publication was Selected Cognitive Biases that Influence the Decision-Making Process in Clinical Trial Enrollment of Diverse Patient Populations.  It appeared in volume 29, issue 12 on December 1, 2020.




 Catherine Washington Photo

 Catherine Washington

 Master of Public Health

Future Plans: Catherine has accepted a job offer as a program coordinator - public health informatician with the Michigan Public Health Institute.


 Andrea Weinrick Photo

 Andrea Weinrick

 Master of Public Health/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (conferred )

Future Plans: Andrea has accepted a job at an emergency veterinary hospital in Michigan. She will continue her research on stethoscope hygiene with the epidemiologist at the Veterinary Medical Center at MSU with publication later this year or early next year. Eventually she would love to work with the College of Veterinary Medicine or the MPH program to teach veterinary-specific public health/one health related topics. 


 Rachael Weisbrod Photo

 Rachael Weisbrod

 Master of Public Health

Future Plans: After graduating with her MPH, Rachael will continue her education with Michigan State University in the PhD program in Epidemiology. Her enrollment in the program begins the fall 2022. She has also accepted a research-based graduate assistantship for the 2022-23 academic year.

"I truly enjoyed my time in this program, and I have so much appreciation for the support and guidance I was given by MPH program faculty and staff."