Culminating Experience


Every MPH student must complete a practicum experience as a requirement for degree completion. The MPH Practicum is a planned, supervised, and evaluated practical professional experience requiring 240 hours (120 hours of which must be in-person) of participation during which the student addresses basic public health concepts and competencies.

The purpose of the Practicum is to provide opportunities for the student to execute as many of the MPH Foundational Competencies as is feasible. The MPH Foundational Competencies have been defined by the Council on Education for Public Health in an effort to standardize the foundational skills and competencies expected from public health professionals.

The experience can be done either domestically or internationally. The planning of the Practicum, its implementation, and evaluation are guided by a review of the public health competencies, which MPH students should possess upon graduation. The Practicum is composed of two elements: 1) HM 891: Introduction to the Public Health Practicum, or Pre-Practicum and 2) HM 892: The Public Health Practicum.

A student’s previous/usual professional activities do not suffice to fulfill the Practicum requirement. If the Practicum is completed at a student’s current place of employment, the project must not be part of their normal job responsibilities. The Practicum must be done during the MPH studies; previous experience cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.

Please Note: students admitted to the MPH program spring semester of 2019 or after will not take HM 891.  Updated information will be shared once finalized.

Capstone Paper

The Public Health Capstone paper is the final requirement for completion of the MPH degree and serves as the final examination replacing a thesis or oral examination. The Capstone Paper must demonstrate a synthesis of the MPH Foundational Competencies and provide evidence of the student’s ability to integrate the knowledge acquired during their course of study into a high-quality, culminating written product that aligns with the student’s educational and professional objectives. Students must complete the HM 893 Override Request form and submit to their advisor to enroll in the course.

For complete information about the Culminating Experience, please familiarize yourself with the Culminating Experience Handbook .

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