Will You Join Us in a Heroic Effort?

Together, we can expand our programs, recruit the best faculty, improve public health in Flint and across the country, and serve as a national resource for best practices. 

Support Student Scholarships

Spartans in Public Health are working to eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity for diverse populations. At MSU, we strive to attain the highest level of health and well-being for all individuals and groups – especially our most vulnerable and at-risk.

Public health professionals help save lives at the root causes of poor health outcomes, where it starts. Together, we can help prevent people from getting sick or injured in the first place. Be a force for good and empower future Spartan change agents.

Gifts made to the Master of Public Health Student Support and Professional Development fund support professional development for conference attendance, housing and travel expenses for distant practicum experiences, service-learning projects, reducing the burden of rising textbook costs for students in need, resources for education abroad opportunities, and other non-tuition expenses.

Support Pregnant Moms and Babies

Growing up in poverty makes people sick. Poverty – especially chronic and concentrated poverty in early childhood - distorts the brain and can alter a child’s entire life trajectory.

Rx Kids is a program that aims to boldly tackle a root cause of health disparities - economic insecurity. Led by Dr. Mona Hanna and the Michigan State University - Hurley Children's Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative, Rx Kids will address childhood poverty through the provision of unconditional cash allowances to pregnant moms and babies in Flint.

Gifts made to the Rx Kids fund will make a lasting difference in the lives of Flint kids.

Support Top Faculty

Endowed positions are the gold standard of faculty distinction and recognition, and act like a magnet to bring top talent to MSU. These special faculty positions require significant philanthropic investment, to potentially yield life-changing research breakthroughs to benefit the Flint community, you, and your loved ones.

Thanks to a $25 million grant from the Mott Foundation in 2022, a $5 million portion of the grant is available to MSU donors for matching funds. We are calling this the Mott Match.

To learn more about the Mott Match, contact Senior Director of Development Karen Weber at weberk16@msu.edu.

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Support Culinary Education for Kids  

Flint Kids Cook is a free cooking and nutrition program for children aged 8-18 years old living in Genesee County. In class, children prepare healthy recipes with a chef and learn about the importance of nutrition with a dietitian. The program is led by the Michigan State University - Hurley Children's Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative Nutrition Team. Over 500 youth have participated in Flint Kids Cook, and there are 200+ kids currently on the class wait list.
Gifts made to Flint Kids Cook help to sustain the program, which has shown to improve cooking knowledge, cooking skills, and health related quality of life in kids.  

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Support Fruit & Vegetable Prescriptions for Kids  

The Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program expands access to fresh fruits and vegetables in Genesee County. Every child, from birth to 19 years, and every prenatal patient, receives one $15 prescription for fresh produce at every visit to a participating pediatric or prenatal clinic. Prescriptions are filled at Flint Farmers' Market and Flint Fresh, directly supporting local farmers. The program is led by Dr. Amy Saxe-Custack and the Michigan State University - Hurley Children's Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative Nutrition Team.  

Gifts made to the Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program positively impact nutrition and health of vulnerable children and families, revenue of local businesses, and a sustainable local food system in Flint and Genesee County.