The MSU Division of Public Health focuses on population health from its home base – the College of Human Medicine’s Flint campus. Being embedded in the Flint community allows our faculty and researchers to understand the assets and needs of the community while studying Flint’s most pressing public health issues.

Spartans work side-by-side with community partners and healthcare providers in a community-identified and community-participatory public health focus model to:

  • Encourage healthy behaviors, mitigate chronic diseases, identify environmental health risks, and examine social factors that influence community health
  • Prepare graduate students to become competent public health professionals to meet the needs of communities across the globe
  • Engage agencies, professional organizations, and community-based partners on collaborative projects to improve health care delivery that will lead to reductions in health disparities in the community, the state of Michigan, and beyond.

Division of Public Health News

Melody Marzjarani on Being Spartan

Meet Master of Public Health Student Melody Marzjarani. She is a triple threat, serving on the Student Advisory Board, working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, and holding a bachelor's degree in Human Biology from MSU's Lyman Briggs College. For Melody, having a public health background will give her a broader perspective and allow her to provide optimal care to future patients.

Go Green!

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COVID-19 Response: Alumni and Students

Like the far-reaching impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Spartans in Public Health have addressed the pandemic in unprecedented ways. Alumni and students rapidly applied their skills and their talents to actively address the evolving needs of the pandemic. 

Where there is a need, there is a Spartan in Public Health.

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Online Master of Public Health: Information Webinars

The MSU Master of Public Health (MPH) Virtual Information Webinar gives prospective students the opportunity to learn more about Michigan State University's online public health program. Prospective students can explore the benefits of joining over 600 Spartans in public health and the importance of becoming a part of public health in action. 

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Congrats Spartan in Public Health Grads

As the world evolves around us, so does the need for public health professionals aiming to mobilize change. Our 2020 graduates are joining the ranks of more than 600 Spartans in public health that are working to protect the health of people and communities. Although we are social distancing, we are celebrating the newest members of our #MSUGrad20 family with a special video message from faculty and staff.

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Promoting Exposure to Global Public Health Practices

Be in touch with at least one student every day. That’s the last sentence in Mieka Smart’s professional mission statement. As an assistant professor at MSU’s College of Human Medicine online Master of Public Health program, staying connected with students is how she stays connected with what matters.

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MSU: Public Health in Flint

Online Master of Public Health Degree

Online Master of Public Healt

Make a difference in people's lives, stand up for health disparities, and be a part of the solution to better health outcomes.

If your passion lies with changing the world around you for the better, look no further. Your path begins at MSU.


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