What is public health? What are health disparities? How is COVID-19 driving health disparities? Strengthen your understanding of public health and why it is important in the fight against the current pandemic, COVID-19, and beyond. This free course includes five self-paced modules and optional interactive discussion sessions about the course material. This course was developed through MSU's Master of Public Health program. 

Promoting Public Health in Michigan in the Face of COVID-19

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FREE Online Course

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Public Health Experts and Community Leaders.

This course will enhance the general public’s understanding of public health and prudent practices for improving the health of diverse individuals and communities in the face of COVID-19.

Course content includes:

  • Five core modules that are approximately 25 minutes each
  • Pre-recorded modules that can be accessed at any time
  • Live interactive discussions to reflect on the course content and share questions

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You Will Learn:

PHC NeedleA brief history of public health, including the impact of vaccines
PHC BuildingsHow psychological, social, and environmental factors influence health
PHC MICoronavirusAbout COVID-19 testing and treatment in Michigan
PHC HealthHandsHeartHow to promote the health of populations of color
PHC CommunityHow communities can support public health

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