During National Public Health Week, April 3 - 9, we honor faculty, alumni, students, staff, community partners, and professionals that are dedicated to making communities safer, stronger, and healthier. Together we strive to create the healthiest nation.

We invite you to check out highlights of some of the work being accomplished by Spartans working in public health. 

Centering and Celebrating Cultures in Health

Public health encompasses anything that maintains or improves mental or physical health among groups of people. It often seeks to ensure optimal health and well-being through interventions that reduce health inequities and address the upstream determinants of health.

Cultural connections are a significant factor in a community's health and quality of life. Understanding each other helps us better understand the world around us and influences the future of public health. During National Public Health Week, we're celebrating how our public health leaders make a difference by building purposeful relationships with community members and advocating for policies that create safe environments.

Together, we can make public health and caring for everyone in our communities part of our culture. 

Public health affects us all. It's up to all of us — public health professionals, students, elected leaders, activists, and community members — to do what we can to make our world a more equitable, safe, and healthy place.

Explore Highlights from MSU Public Health Work: