The 2023 Flint Lead Free report captures city-wide lead elimination efforts. Building upon previous years (2017 and 2021), this report features broad and proactive efforts to reduce environmental lead exposure, share progress made from new investments and strategic partnerships, demonstrate the positive impact of lead elimination, and highlight the excellent work of partners.

With a mission of eliminating lead exposure, Flint Lead Free is a data-driven and multi-sector group identifying the burden of environmental lead exposure and eliminating lead exposure disparities. Founded in 2017, Flint Lead Free has made intentional connections to strengthen collaborations, generate greater transparency, and increase access to services and information.

“Flint is a model in the nation in our novel multi-sector and community-partnered work to proactively eliminate lead exposure,” said Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, associate dean for public health and Charles Stewart Mott endowed professor of public health at the MSU College of Human Medicine. “With growing national investment in public health and lead elimination, like the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which includes replacement of lead pipes across the country, the efforts sparked in Flint continue to have national ripple effects – benefiting millions of children across the country.” 


When considering the number of pipes replaced and homes abated or demolished, lead elimination activities that have already occurred in Flint over the past several years are expected to generate $202 million in future economic benefits.

“The economic impact is substantial – prevention pays – and more importantly, when we remove a poison from a child’s environment, the benefits impact generations of Flint children,” said Lydia Starrs, co-chair of the Flint Lead Free workgroup and Program Officer at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

The Flint Registry contributes to lead elimination efforts by convening Flint Lead Free partners, enrolling individuals exposed to the lead-contaminated Flint water, screening for ongoing environmental lead exposure via a survey of environmental risks and connecting individuals to lead-eliminating services like the Lead Safe Home Program. The Lead Safe Home Program is a free program that finds and removes lead in a child’s home.

Click Here or follow the link below to download the Flint Lead Free 2023 Report. To learn more or to enroll in the Flint Registry, visit, email, or call (833) GO-FLINT. After successful completion of enrollment, participants are connected to services like Lead Safe Home Program and mailed a $50 appreciation check.

Flint Lead Report 2023


The Flint Registry is supported by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) National Center for Environmental Health to Michigan State University College of Human Medicine’s Charles Stewart Mott Department of Public Health.

This article was originally published on on June 14, 2023