Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals

MPH Vision

Advancing Public Health Practice across the globe by providing a quality, online curriculum to advance public health and the well-being of global and local communities.

MPH Mission

The MSU MPH program is committed to increasing the capacity of the public health workforce by providing practice-infused, online instruction that integrates current public health issues. We emphasize public health practice, leadership, and community partnership.

MPH Values

  • Innovation and academic excellence: A commitment to continual improvement through ongoing, critical evaluation of our program, regular assessment of student needs, and the development of a responsive and quality online curriculum.
  • Leadership development: A responsibility to develop public health leaders who will enact change and promote health and well-being by providing training in versatile leadership skills.
  • Health equity and diversity: A dedication to respect human differences and advance health equity by valuing all people equally and explicating the underlying social determinants of health.
  • Community partnership: A promise to partner with communities to identify relevant health issues and create public health practitioners armed with skills for improving community health.
  • Global impact: A commitment to provide our students the opportunity to translate and disseminate public health skills and knowledge into evidence-based practice, policy making, and advocacy locally and globally.

MPH Goals


  • Provide a quality online curriculum grounded in real-world experiences that integrates current public health research and evidence-based practice. 
  • Recruit and retain a diverse student body qualified to serve Greater Flint, Michigan, and communities throughout the nation and across the globe. 


  • Enhance the public health knowledge base through nationally recognized scholarship and research. 


  • Expand community and professional service opportunities for MPH students and faculty impacting the university, Greater Flint, other Michigan communities, national and community organizations across the globe. 

Public Health Practice 

  • Advance public health practice in Greater Flint and other Michigan communities in collaboration with institutions, organizations, and communities. 

Professional Network 

  • Solidify the reach of the MPH program by maintaining a professional network. 


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Thank you for your interest in the online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Michigan State University. All of the courses offered within this degree are all delivered in an online learning environment. There are no on-campus courses offered as part of the MPH degree.

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