Student Advisory Board

What is the Student Advisory Board?

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) seeks to increase and facilitate student input on the development and direction of the MPH program. We have a mission to increase student engagement within the program via improved communication.

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This is an exciting opportunity to become involved in the ongoing activities and decision-making of the program, the accreditation process, and to get to know students and faculty in real-time!

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SAB 11 2020

Executive Board Members:

  • Pavneet Banga, President 
  • Rachael Weisbrod, Vice President (and oversees the D2L SAB section)
  • Amanda Moser, Secretary

Administrative Team Members:

  • Alec Bennett, Social Media Coordinator
  • Kristi A Loadholdt, Newsletter Editor
  • Abhishek Sharma, Volunteer/Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Brendan Smith, Recruitment Coordinator

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the Student Advising Board members.

Board Advisors:

  • Dr. Sharia Phillips, Staff Advisor to the Board
  • Dr. Connie Currier, Faculty Advisor to the Board

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