Enroll In Courses

Your First Semester

Before enrolling, see your advisor and plan a schedule. Be sure to plan a couple of alternate courses. 

You must know your MSU NetID and password. Access MSU NetID help and FAQs: Activate your MSU NetID

If you wish to enroll in a course subject with enrollment restriction, contact the teaching department for assistance. 

You cannot access the enrollment system until your assigned day/time or after. You can check your appointment access on STUINFO. 

Per the Hold Policy, you will not be allowed to enroll until all holds are cleared. You can check for holds in STUINFO. 

In order to maximize your eligibility for high-demand courses, be sure to enroll for fall semester before enrolling for spring semester. Fall credits raise your projected class ranking for spring. 

Online enrollment is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday and on weekends from 8 a.m. Saturday until 8 p.m. Sunday EST (subject to availability).

Schedule of Courses - search for courses, view textbook information, add courses to your Schedule Builder, and enroll directly from the Schedule Builder. 

Schedule of Courses - Instructions - information on the Schedule Builder, enrollment instructions, and course and section numbers.  

To Enroll in Your Courses:

  • Login to Schedule Builder;

  • Click on the first tab at the top titled Schedule for Courses;

  • To locate public health degree courses (HM 800 level courses), FIRST choose the appropriate semester from the drop down box at the top of the page;

  • Click the “Online & Hybrid” icon in the middle of the page;

  • Choose the subject from the drop down box that will appear. HM courses are listed under "HM: Human Medicine, College Course";

  • In the Course Number field, type "8*" and click "Search" to bring up all the HM 800 level public health courses;

  • Scroll down to locate the course or courses you in which you wish to enroll. When you locate a course, click on the notebook icon to the left of the section number. The course will be added directly into your course planner;

  • Return to the Schedule Builder and click the green "Enroll" button.


Enrollment for Subsequent Semesters:

  • Review course options with your MPH advisor.

  • Confirm course availability from the MSU  Schedule of Courses.

  • Choose the appropriate semester from the drop-down box at the top of the page.

  • Click the “Online & Hybrid” icon, and then choose the subject from the drop-down box that will appear.

  • MPH courses are listed under "HM: Human Medicine, College Course". NOTE: The MPH program does not grant overrides into full courses. If a course you need is full, please utilize the Open Seat Notification option through Schedule of Courses.

  • Enrollment instructions are found on the  Office of the Registrar’s website. You will search for courses, add courses to your Schedule Builder, and enroll directly from the Schedule Builder at the Schedule of Courses page. You must know your MSU NetID. 


After You Have Enrolled:

  • A link to the Billing and Fee Schedule can be found under the Financial tab at the top of your  StuInfo portal. Once a bill has posted you can view and pay your tuition here.

  • Approximately 24 to 48 hours after your MSU tuition bill has been paid, return to StuInfo to confirm your attendance.  

  • MSU’s Learning Management System is D2L. Use your MSU NetID and password to login to the  D2L homepage. Your course(s) should appear under “My Courses” on the first day of class. Reading requirements will be listed in the instructor’s syllabus. You are encouraged to create a student profile by accessing the “ePortfolio” page and clicking on the “My Profile” link. Please be sure to add a photograph. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: D2L has a communication tool that connects you to other students in your courses through e-mail. Note that this is separate from your MSU e-mail account. You will not receive university-wide or program-wide communications through D2L e-mail.

  • Lastly, familiarize yourself with the  MSU Home page for commonly used student tools and resources. Locate the subheading “Students” and click on it. You will find quick access to the Academic Calendar (list of all dates and deadlines outlined by semester), Register for Classes (schedule of courses and enrollment instructions), the MSU Library Catalog, MSU e-mail, StuInfo (financial info/payments, enrollment, grades, address updates, etc.), Desire2Learn (course delivery systems), Financial Aid, Commencement, and Technology Resources, etc.

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