Request for Override


  • Students who are not a part of the Master of Public Health program or who are dually enrolled may request an override into a course by completing the webform below.
  • The Master of Public Health program will not grant overrides into full sections, including HM 101. Students hoping to enroll in a course at the full enrollment limit should utilize the Open Seat Notification tool through Schedule of Courses.
    • Students interested in an override for HM 101: Please do not submit an override request to the instructor nor through the webform below. Instead, we encourage you to add your name to the Open Seat Notificiation list as indicated above.
  • Lifelong Education students must following the instructions on the Lifelong Education page in order to request an override into an MPH course.
  • Current MPH Students: For students interested in enrolling in HM 825 or HM 862 for the spring semester of 2021, please note you will need to submit an override request for those courses in order to enroll.

Culminating Experience Course Overrides

  • Master of Public Health students who are looking to enroll in the Culminating Experience courses (HM 891, HM 892, and HM 893) should not complete the form below.
    • HM 891 and HM 892 students must complete the appropriate override request form and e-mail it to their advisor. Culminating Experience override request forms can be found in the Forms section of the Master of Public Health Student Community within D2L.
    • HM 893 students will be contacted by their advisor the semester prior to expected HM 893 enrollment with further information and instructions.

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