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Master of Public Health Degree

A key feature of the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, conferred by the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University (MSU), is the emphasis on applied knowledge. Public health students are engaged in coursework and practical training to obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform, successfully, as a public health professional in the United States and internationally.

The Master of Public Health degree, is a rigorous, terminal, professional degree designed to meet the expectations of the MPH Foundational Knowledge and Competencies as defined by the Council on Education for Public Health. All required courses and student advising are delivered entirely online. Studies may be taken on a full-time or part-time basis.

All courses offered within this degree are delivered in an online learning environment. There are no on-campus courses offered by the Master of Public Health program at Michigan State University. However, MPH students may request prior approval to enroll in public health related on-campus courses as electives, although there is no guarantee of approval.

Courses are not self-paced. Students have the flexibility to access the coursework at the time of day that suits their schedule; however, they are expected to participate in courses on a regular basis throughout each week of the semester. Please refer to the Time Commitment section below for more information on participation expectations.

Beginning the spring semester of 2019, 43 credits of coursework are required to fulfill the MPH degree requirements. For more detailed course information, please visit the New MPH Program Requirements page. For students admitted to the MPH for the fall semester of 2018 and before, please view the Legacy MPH Program Requirements page.

  • 10 Credits of Foundational Courses
  • 3 Credits of Selectives
  • 15 Credits of Core Courses
  • 9 Credits of Elective Courses
  • 6 Credits of Culminating Experience Courses

Course Delivery Platform

Michigan State University utilizes the D2L Brightspace learning management system as the platform for delivering online courses. Within each course space in D2L, students have access to course information, recorded lectures, discussion forums, course assignments, and other resources. Instructors and students interact through D2L discussion forums, chats, e-mail, and Zoom video conferencing

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The MPH program offers courses in accordance with the semester schedule noted on the MSU Academic Calendar . We offer our core courses each semester, and the MPH foundational courses and elective courses on a varying schedule. Course offering schedules can be found on our program requirements page along with links to course descriptions. 


SemesterLength of Semester in Weeks
Fall Semester 15
Spring Semester 16
Summer Semester 13


Time Commitment

Program Completion

The Master of Public Health program offers courses each semester of the academic year (fall, spring, and summer). If an MPH student enrolls in courses full time (the Graduate School considers full-time enrollment as nine credits in one semester), they can complete the degree requirements in five semesters or just under two years. Enrollment each semester is flexible, and students can work with their advisor to create a curriculum plan to best suit their scheduling needs. Students have a maximum of six years to complete the requirements for the MPH degree.


Credit Enrollment Per Semester

# of Semesters to

Complete Degree

Approx. # of Years to

Complete Degree

Full Time: Enrolled in 9 Credits (with one semester of 7 credits) 5 1.7
Part Time: Enrolled in 6 Credits (with one semester of 7 credits) 7 2.3
Part Time: Enrolled in 3 Credits (with one semester of 4 credits) 14 4.6


As many of our students are non-traditional students who are currently employed or are concurrently pursuing post-bachelor degrees, our MPH students have, on average, completed their degree requirements in just over two and a half years.


Coursework Time Commitment

MPH students are expected to participate in their courses regularly throughout each week while having the flexibility to access the coursework at the time of day that best suits their schedule. The rigor of our coursework is such that students cannot be successful if they do not attend to their coursework on a regular basis. Instructors monitor course activity and students may be dropped from their course if they do not actively participate on a regular basis. Additionally, our coursework requires study time outside of the time spent within the course. MPH students can expect to spend an average of 12 hours per course per week on coursework, studying, and completing assignments, quizzes, and exams. Please keep in mind, time commitments may vary by course and by student.


Interested in an Epidemiology or Biostatistics Focus?

The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics offers public health training through Master of Science and doctoral degrees as well as a Dual Degree Program for academically motivated undergraduate students. We provide a unique and stimulating environment for students and faculty to contribute to the improvement of public health. Our programs offer students a unique interdisciplinary training curriculum. Opportunities include monthly seminars with visiting scholars, training in innovative statistical and epidemiologic methods, supportive faculty mentorship, peer-to-peer discussions of contemporary issues across epidemiology and population health, and events sponsored by the Department’s vibrant graduate student organization, GEMS.





Online Program

43-credit professional degree. Enroll full-time or part-time. 

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